Bfl fleece wool hand dyed curls for doll hair and felting, corn-honey yellow 15g (0.5oz)

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An exquisitely soft award winning british bluefaced leicester fleece, that I hand washed, hand sorted and hand dyed in corn and honey yellow shades. The curls are light and delicate and measure an average of 10-15cm (4-6inch) in length. Perfect for wet/nuno/needle felting projects, wild doll hair, sewing, embellishing, and handspinning art yarns. There is only a tiny amount of vegetable matter left.

Note: If you want to separate the defined locks further always hold them at the tip and then pull them apart.

Weight: 15g (0.5oz) = a good handful. The wool has been weighed.
Material: 100% wool. 

Please note that the colors in the photos may be slightly different from the original.

Base price: 666,67 €/kg